Date for Italian qualifying changed!!

21.05.2015 Instead of the 3rd July, the Italian Qualifying round is already started on the 2nd July 15. Because of the big interest in Italy the duration had to be expanded by the host.

Registration channels for AUFGUSS-WM closed now!

01.05.2015 More than 200 applications from 20 nations have been received by the AUFGUSS-WM office until last Friday. Get information about the qualifying rounds here.

"Family & Friends" offers - OUT NOW!

02.04.2015 Special hotel-offers for family and friends, who wants to support their participants at this years AUFGUSS-WM can be downloaded here: FAMILY & FRIENDS

Qualifying Rounds

30. - 31. May 2015Denmark (Sæby Svømmebad) 04. - 07. June 2015Poland (Termy Rzymskie/Palac Saturna) 15. - 18. June 2015Netherlands (Thermen Bussloo) 20. - 21. June 2015Belgium (Thermen R) 02. - 05. July 2015 (date changed!)Italy (Cascade Sand in Taufers) 07. - 09. July 2015Germany (Bora Sauna) 07. - 09. August 2015Switzerland (Tamina Therme)

Champions 2014

1. Rob Keijzer546,250 pt (Single)
2. Enrico Ganassin538,420 pt (Single)
3. Nephat Mwangi509,520 pt (Single)
1. Hans Barendse & Vincent Steenbergen636,540 pt (Team)
2. Janina Lindner &
Sabine Quäschning
622,890 pt (Team)
3. Riccardo Marzi & Massimo Xausa600,170 pt (Team)


Register until April 30th and save one of the wanted starting-places in the qualifying rounds of AUFGUSS-WM.

register here!

Press Accreditation: Please contact directly THERMEN & BADEWELT SINSHEIM (host 2015).

media/press-registration here!

Next Aufguss-WM:


"AUFGUSS-WM" is an interest group of many sauna companies, whose main task is to organize and above all to continue developing the International Aufguss Championships on a high level for the worldwide audience.

The sauna-guest and customer is mainly focused - he should get presented the Aufguss on the highest possible level. But also the Aufguss-Master, whose opportunity it is to develop his skills and present his Aufguss-Shows while getting in international exchange on events e.g. the AUFGUSS-WM, which promotes the international understanding between the Aufguss-Masters as well as the sauna-world in general.

Much emphasis is placed on the original intention of an Aufguss as a health ritual and highlight of every "sauna bathing", which must not be lost in the Show-Aufguss, but is supported by the "entertainment factor". Therefore it is an object of "AUFGUSS-WM" to define standards that can be considered as quality characteristics for a good Aufguss and Show-Aufguss worldwide.

AUFGUSS-WM always stands for "sauna-festival with friends" and was founded on the 13th January 2014 in South Tyrol with the nations: Italy, Netherlandy, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland in a constituent meeting.

The origin of our idea are the championships held in Italy since 2007 (Italian, European and International championships), the "Cron4 Aufguss-World Cup 2011", the "International Aufguss-Trophy 2012" in Cron4 Wellness paradise in Italy/Brunico and the "SATAMA Aufguss-WM 2013" in Wendisch Rietz/Germany, where at least more than 50 participants from 18 nations took part.

Based on an established concept of international jury and uniform evaluation criteria, we want to celebrate more sauna-events as in the last years did.

More and more businesses join us from different nations to develop a shared sauna and thus Aufguss-culture and to contribute it to the world.

More information for membership under:

Host 2015

We proudly present THERMEN & BADEWELT SINSHEIM - our AUFGUSS-WM host 2015

The THERMEN & BADEWELT SINSHEIM is one of Europe’s largest vitality bath and home of the “Koi-Sauna”, the biggest sauna in the world. We offer ten extraordinary, themed

saunas, 2 big lagoons with 34°C water temperature and a choice of over 80 wellness treatments ( e. g. Aqua Bodyforming, Aqua Fitness, Aqua Floating, Aqua Balance, WATSU, Sauna-Relax-Yoga, beauty masks, salt & sugar peelings) per day. Relax between 1000 orchids and 400 real palm trees from Malaysia, Costa Rica and Florida and take a time out for your body, mind and soul.