21.09.2015 The interest group AUFGUSS-WM says Thank You! to all participants, guests and especially the host Thermen- & Badewelt Sinsheim for another incredible World-Cup Event "AUFGUSS-WM 2015"Thermen- & Badewelt Sinsheim


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Champions 2014

1. Rob Keijzer546,250 pt (Single)
2. Enrico Ganassin538,420 pt (Single)
3. Nephat Mwangi509,520 pt (Single)
1. Hans Barendse & Vincent Steenbergen636,540 pt (Team)
2. Janina Lindner &
Sabine Quäschning
622,890 pt (Team)
3. Riccardo Marzi & Massimo Xausa600,170 pt (Team)

For an overview of the participants please visit: Participants


1. Rob Keijzer565,475 pt (Single)
2. Farid Atai539,100 pt (Single)
3. Alberto Dissegna538,075 pt (Single)
1. Sabine Quäschning & Janina Lindner (Team)645,808 pt
2. Luca Baggio & Matteo Garbossa625,125 pt (Team)
3. Sebastian Dziurski & Lukasz Stajno614,467 pt (Team)


For an overview of the results please visit: Qualifyings

Press Accreditation: Please contact directly the THERMEN & BADEWELT SINSHEIM (Host 2015).

Akkreditierung Presse: Bitte melden Sie sich direkt in der THERMEN & BADEWELT SINSHEIM (Ausrichter 2015).

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"AUFGUSS-WM" is an interest group of many sauna companies, whose main task is to organize and above all to continue developing the International Aufguss Championships on a high level for the worldwide audience.

The sauna-guest and customer is mainly focused - he should get presented the Aufguss on the highest possible level. But also the Aufguss-Master, whose opportunity it is to develop his skills and present his Aufguss-Shows while getting in international exchange on events e.g. the AUFGUSS-WM, which promotes the international understanding between the Aufguss-Masters as well as the sauna-world in general.

Much emphasis is placed on the original intention of an Aufguss as a health ritual and highlight of every "sauna bathing", which must not be lost in the Show-Aufguss, but is supported by the "entertainment factor". Therefore it is an object of "AUFGUSS-WM" to define standards that can be considered as quality characteristics for a good Aufguss and Show-Aufguss worldwide.

AUFGUSS-WM always stands for "sauna-festival with friends" and was founded on the 13th January 2014 in South Tyrol with the nations: Italy, Netherlandy, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland in a constituent meeting.

The origin of our idea are the championships held in Italy since 2007 (Italian, European and International championships), the "Cron4 Aufguss-World Cup 2011", the "International Aufguss-Trophy 2012" in Cron4 Wellness paradise in Italy/Brunico and the "SATAMA Aufguss-WM 2013" in Wendisch Rietz/Germany, where at least more than 50 participants from 18 nations took part.

Based on an established concept of international jury and uniform evaluation criteria, we want to celebrate more sauna-events as in the last years did.

More and more businesses join us from different nations to develop a shared sauna and thus Aufguss-culture and to contribute it to the world.

More information for membership under:

Host 2015

We proudly present THERMEN & BADEWELT SINSHEIM - our AUFGUSS-WM host 2015

The THERMEN & BADEWELT SINSHEIM is one of Europe’s largest vitality bath and home of the “Koi-Sauna”, the biggest sauna in the world. We offer ten extraordinary, themed saunas, 2 big lagoons with 34°C water temperature and a choice of over 80 wellness treatments ( e. g. Aqua Bodyforming, Aqua Fitness, Aqua Floating, Aqua Balance,

WATSU, Sauna-Relax-Yoga, beauty masks, salt & sugar peelings) per day. Relax between 1000 orchids and 400 real palm trees from Malaysia, Costa Rica and Florida and take a time out for your body, mind and soul.

As the host of AUFGUSS-WM 2015 Thermen- & Badewelt Sinsheim got 2 wildcards for team- & single-competition - irrespective of the qualification rounds.